Social Media is not going to save your business

A great read by Brian Solis about the way businesses look at Social Media:

Many businesses realize the potential of social media and are savoring a seemingly compelling way to reach customers. Many are even boasting millions of fans and followers.

But what they too underestimate is the power of people. It’s not so much about technology as much as it is about the democratization of information and the equalization of societal influence. People are now part of the equation and are willingly shedding their “audience” moniker and vacating the branded auditoriums of yore in favor of building their own stages, their own personal theaters.

via Social Media is not Going to Save Your Business Brian Solis.

Social Media is not about a new audience and Social Media cannot be bought like traditional ‘Reach’. It is a new and better way to connect with your customers and therefor priceless.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a small post on The ROI of Social Media linking to a video by Gary Vaynerchuck.  I wrote that “Having a visible, understandable and mutual relationship with your customer is priceless.” That is what Social Media is providing us. Not a new way to advertise our products, but engagement and a connection with customers we last had when small stores in small towns knew their customers personally and could rapidly adapt to changing needs.

You don’t ask for the ROI of mobile phones, because they are an integral part of peoples way of communicating. They improve efficiency and enable faster and more direct communication. Social Media should be an integral part of a business’ way of communicating, not a separate devision handling the ‘social media strategy’.

As a wise executive of a leading global company once told me, “If you come to me with a request for budget and resources for social media, to make it a priority for our business, you will lose every time. If you tie social media to our business priorities and objectives and demonstrate how engagement will enable progress, you will win every time. Social media must be an enabler to our business, just show me how.”

Social Media is not going to save your business, but it will help you better understand your customer and help you to adapt, to do better.

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