Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancing integration

Another batch of great new AWS features, this time for Route 53 (DNS) and ELB. One in particular is very interesting. Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancing integration. Werner Vogel explains why this is a big deal:

Due to restrictions in DNS a root domain “zone apex” cannot be mapped to another domain name using a CNAME record. This has caused customers who wanted to have the root of their domain e.g. point to same location where for example is pointing to jump through complex redirect hoops. Through a better integration between Elastic Load Balancing and Route 53 we can now offer the ability to map the zone apex to ELB without all the redirection muck. ELB and Route 53 work together closely to ensure that if the address of the load balancer changes this is quickly reflected in Route 53.

That’s why Mobypicture is running on instead of and we had to run our own loadbalancers and scaling metrics for our url shortener. From now on we can completely switch to ELB, including all other benefits.

More information can found on the Elastic Load Balancing and the Route 53 detail pages or on Werner’s blogpost “New Route 53 and ELB features: IPv6, Zone Apex, WRR and more

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