In between startups

In the 1.5 years I’m CTO of Mobypicture we have accomplished many things. We grew with 17,500%, released our first MobyNow platform last year and a couple of months ago a complete new release of our MobyNow technology, embracing even more of the realtime and aggregation power that is available. We are very close on releasing MobyNext, our new version of Mobypicture, which will bring more implicit awareness to our users and is able to build adventures around their content. We have implemented Scrum as our main project management method and almost never miss a deadline anymore, while still staying very flexible in our project planning. We are ahead of the crowd with our implementations of HTML5 and CSS3, which ensures the same experience on web, iPad and mobile. All things I am really proud of.

After this process of professionalization and preparing Mobypicture for its next phase, I noticed how much I miss being an entrepreneur.

That’s why I’ve taken a big step and will lay down my position as CTO of Mobypicture to become an entrepreneur once again. 

I will continue to do the things I have done at Mobypicture, and proven to be good at, for other companies as a freelancer. From things like implementing Scrum or helping out with Social Media strategies to more technical fields like scaling architectures on AWS, HTML5/CSS3 and WordPress optimizations.

More than I do now I would like to do talks about Agile development, Service design, Scrum and HTML5/CSS3. A passion I embraced with success in the last year on events like Emerce Eday and Adobe Usergroup meetups.

Besides working for clients, I’m investigating the possibility to become an Angel Investor and give some of the knowledge and changes I got as a young entrepreneur back to the Dutch startup community. A dream I have had for quite some time now.

But in the end I will start my own startup again. That’s where my ambition and my passion really is, despite all the great and fun things I do as a freelancer. That’s the entrepreneur I would like to be.


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