Why you get ideas in the shower

I have always wondered why I get my best ideas while taking a shower, standing still in traffic or running around to get some exercise. It seems it has everything to do with our information overload and our sub-conscious being suppressed. Interesting read for everyone!

We know our dreams, which are owned and operated by our subconscious, can be incredibly creative.  But on a busy day in modern times we are bombarded with information, and our conscious mind dominates. It’s only when we have quiet time, going for a walk, getting some exercise, or taking a shower, that our conscious minds quiet down enough for our sub-conscious to be heard. And that’s why you get ideas in the shower. The other inputs to your mind are quiet, your body (which is connected to your brain) is relaxed, and the way is clear for the rest of your brain to bubble up interesting thoughts.

via Why you get ideas in the shower « Scott Berkun.

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