Some nifty CSS3 rules you probably didn't know of

LukeW has a nice post of a presentation of Eric Meyer about  how CSS  rules can be used to drastically alter the experience of a Web site. There’s a lot in LukeW’s notes I didn’t knww and I guess you didn’t either. For example:

  • FireFox can take an entire copy of an element and repeat it as a background element
  • background-image:-moz-element(#input) !important; (make element tiled background in gecko).
  • White space in source code can be made visible by applying {white-space: pre-wrap;} to the body of an HTML page
  • Safari has not implemented what happens when you transform inline elements as it’s not clear yet what they should do. Firefox has implemented their idea of what should happen. This might led to inconsistencies later when the working group defines what needs to happen for inline transforms.

Read more nifty rules at LukeW | An Event Apart: CSS3 Anarchist’s Cookbook.

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