How to hire the perfect CTO

Finding your perfect technical counterpart can be quite hard, especially if you are yourself not technical at all. Your perfect CTO does not only has to be very technical, he or she has to have other very important qualities as well. Not every developer can be a CTO, because he or she is lacking important leadership, business or organizational skills. Mashable put 14 tips together from a panel of successful young entrepreneurs. Not only a nice read for people looking for a CTO, I found it quite handy myself to see on which areas I could improve myself.

Today, CTOs are multi-taskers that aren’t just coders locked in some basement — they play a vital role in a tech company’s strategic plan and growth. Not only do they need to have a high level of diversified technical prowess and proficiency, but they also need to possess strong leadership and project management capabilities. With development teams often based around the world, being the center of communication and progress can either lead to a tremendously successful strategy or a bottleneck that can slow down an entire company.

via HOW TO: Hire the Perfect CTO.

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