Quotes of The Next Web 2009

Een selectie van quotes die ik verzamelde op The Next Web 2009. Ze zullen niet allemaal letterlijk zijn en er zullen er nog meer ontbreken (vul ze gerust aan in de comments!), maar dit waren volgens mij de leuksten:

The Current Web:: TeliaSonera

My two year old son thinks every screen is a touchscreen.

The Current Web:: Khris Loux (JS-Kit)

Beer and pretsels: If it is not your core, partner to acquire it!

Facebook isn’t opening up at all, they are just expanding their Walled Garden

Banners will become widgets

We should own our profile; because of IP

Twitter was the innovation, Facebook just copied

The Current Web: Werner Vogels (Amazon.com)

You may cannibalize on your own business, if it’s better for the long term

Look at what is not going to change in your business and then make that better

Lock’em in with great service

Don’t be afraid to partner up

Amazon AWS is there for the Economy of Scale, so we can offer lower prices

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo)

People don’t want to search, they want to get things done

Jeff Jarvis (Writer of What would Google do)

If the news is important, it will find me

Google commodofies everything

Get out of the way! Let the world suprise you with uses of your own product

Newspapers are doomed, journalism isn’t

I don’t want to drive a beta car

If not for Google, I couldn’t search on and apologize to my ex for being an ass when I was 17 years old

The internet is the social network

Andrew Keen

Jeff Jarvis is a cheerleader for google

Web 2.0 is dead, long live Twitter

The beauty of Twitter is the more you use it, the more valuable it will become. And easier to monotize

Matt Mullenweg (Automattic)

You cannot change anything by fighting or resisting it. You change something by making it obsolete through superior methods

Open Data: we need to use some of the principles used by Open Source (for example: The freedom to use the software for any purpose)

Bradley Horrowitz (Google Apps)

It is now possible to record one’s entire life digitally

Unfortunatly we don’t get a second life to review our first

This is what vision looks like: Not accepting the status quo, the current technology

Chris Sacca

Twitter doesn’t tell you or train you how to use it, just that you have 140 characters

Users distinguish success from failure

Anybody who claims to know the future and potential of Twitter is either full of bullshit or from the future

I think Twitter holds us to our highest ideals. It is a gift to all of us to be able to talk to so many people. Twitter keeps us honest

God forbid I mention javascript in a tweet. I would loose about a thousand followers

What did the general say to the army when it was time to leave the battlefield? – ReTweet!


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