Wat is er gebeurd met OpenSocial?

Google’s OpenSocial and The Me Too Syndrome

Apparently Google was threatened by the Facebook platform. Its quick response was OpenSocial, the open platform for social applications. Unlike Facebook, which was proprietary and closed, Google’s was open to everyone. When OpenSocial was announced, techies raised their eyebrows – it looked raw and unpolished. Some of the existing iGoogle container APIs were mixed in with a new contact sharing library. But, being Google, a lot of people signed up to support it.

Fast forward one year later and how much has been done? Well some companies did implement some elements, but the overall buzz died. Why wouldn’t Google put more resources and marketing behind it? Because now it doesn’t matter. The Facebook platform play is over and so the marketing strategy called Opensocial is not a top priority for the search giant anymore.

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